Air Filtration Systems in Indianapolis

People who are concerned about unhealthy particles circulating through the HVAC system and rooms of their homes should look into installing air filters. Modern air filters range from simple screens to powerful HEPA filters that can combat numerous allergens. The right type of filter for most homes falls between these two, but if a professional picks and installs the filter, it should do exactly the job it’s supposed to.
If you are currently dealing with airborne pollutants in your home and you want solutions, call Chapman 乐虎lehuvip88, 空调 & 管道. lehu66乐虎国际的 室内空气质量 professionals are experienced with installing air filtration systems ideally matched to the needs of individual homes. We will set up your HVAC system with the air filters that will help your whole family enjoy healthier, 更舒适的空气.

The 室内空气质量 professionals at Chapman 乐虎lehuvip88, 空调 & 管道 offer services for air filtration systems in lehu66乐虎国际, and the surrounding areas. lehu66乐虎国际 today to arrange for service. We are a locally-owned company with years of history helping the community with indoor comfort and health.

How Air Filtration Systems Work

The principle behind an air filter is quite simple. The filters are made of a mesh of strands of fiberglass that prevent larger particles in the air from passing through them. The strands attract and stop dust, 花粉, 宠物毛屑, 尘螨, 建筑垃圾, and many other harmful particles. If the filters become too congested, they can be changed out for new ones. (It’s very important that filters receive routine maintenance to make sure they are clean enough to do their job.)

Although your air conditioning and forced–air heating system comes with an air filter, this filter is not designed to clean the air. Its purpose is to prevent debris from entering the AC and heater cabinet. You need to have a dedicated air filter installed for proper 室内空气质量 treatment.

What Type of 空气过滤器 Are Right for My 乐虎lehuvip88?

There are many kinds of filters with different levels of effectiveness available. A rating system called MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) measures how well a filter traps particles. But the highest MERV rating possible doesn’t necessarily mean that a filter is the right one for your home. 事实上, it will probably cause far more problems than it will solve because it will choke off airflow through the ventilation system and place enormous strain on your AC and heater.

It takes an IAQ expert to determine the best filter or set of filters to provide you with the clean indoor air you want for your home. lehu66乐虎国际的 professionals will see that the filters integrated into your HVAC system will trap contaminants while allowing your comfort system to work at its best efficiency.

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Chapman 乐虎lehuvip88, 空调 & 管道 wants you and your family to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment. This is about more than making sure you have a good heating and air conditioning system. It’s also about seeing that you have healthy air to breathe. We can counteract many of the harmful particles in your air with filters: simply call us and arrange for an appointment with our 室内空气质量 professionals.


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