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توين هاوس
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528 مترمربع
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360 مترمربع
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Residential Twin House
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Thu 9 Jan 2014

Swan Lake 6th October is an exclusive gated community in 6th October Governorate in West Cairo. A sister compound to the famous Swan Lake Katameya , it is Hassan Allam Properties’ first luxury community in the western suburb of the city.Swan Lake 6th October was planned and designed by Egyptian architect Shehab Mazhar and landscaped by internationally renowned firm , Belt Collins.It offers 92 luxury villas and twin villas , even distributed across a 44 acres development , dominated by wide green open spaces , lagoons and canals. Construction of the community is now complete which means homeowners can move in immediately.The Swan Lake 6th October compound is uniquely located , minutes from the country’s leading retail outlets and amenities. These include The Mega Mall of Arabia , Hyper One , Dar El Fouad Hospital , and the British International School. As a Swan Lake home owner , you can enjoy plenty of fresh air , and wide green open spaces intersected by water features , and a range of beautiful homes , ideally suited to your family’s needs. Real Estate Egypt , Swan Lake October , Twin House For Sale In Swan Lake October , With Plot Area 528 sq.m , and Total Building Area 360 sq.m , 3 Floors : Basement 70 sq.m + Ground Floor + First Floor , 3 Bedrooms + 4 Bathrooms + Kitchen + Living Room + Receptions + Lobby + Salon + Family Area


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